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Customers Collaborate to Innovate

Accelrys has recently concluded a series of meetings with a specially convened Biological Registration Special Interest Group , (SIG), formed between several major pharmaceutical companies and Accelrys. The objective of this forum was to understand some of the critical market and product requirements needed in order to build a state-of-the-art Biologics Registration system.The success of the SIG can be attributed to the customer members being very open towards one another, in spite of being competitors, and the tremendous diligence each company put into specifying user requirements. This open and collaborative approach to software development has become an innovative way to introduce first of a kind technology into the market.First of a kind software is usually developed as a bespoke project for a single company and then modified over time to meet the needs of the wider market. This can create disadvantages for early adopters as the product functionality evolves and improves with subsequent releases. This situation can be avoided by getting a wider set of requirements through a collaborative SIG formed of a diverse and representative sample of interested parties.The ability to capture and prioritize a wider set of requirements through leading companies discussing and debating the relative merits and benefits of proposed features, is a more efficient and effective way of understanding market requirements than more traditional methods. The approach also enables the development team to capture feedback and more rapidly create a product that should be attractive to the wider market. The anticipated result is the timely delivery of a product that is well positioned to capture both broad interest and market share.Have you innovated through collaborative work groups? If so, we would welcome the chance to learn from your experience.
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