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TOPICS in the BIOVIA Community

  • October 20, 2016
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TOPICS in the BIOVIA Community


TOPICS are where you will find information about your BIOVIA Application and be able to interact with others who are using it as well.  Inside a TOPIC you will be able to:

  • Ask Questions to the larger community of users who are also using your BIOVIA Product.
  • Provide Answers to Questions others have asked.
  • Review content from BIOVIA including : Support Articles, Product Documentation, Technical Notes, Known Issues and Enhancement Requests.
Access to the different TOPICS will depend on how you are logged into the Community as well as your entitlement.
Public Topics * Private Topics **
Community Support Accord
Direct, Draw, and Jdraw CISPro
Discovery Studio Compose and Capture
General Information Discoverant
Materials Studio DiscoveryGate and Databases
Pipeline Pilot Experiment

* Participation in Public Topics requires that you have a user account and are logged into the Community
** Private Topics are only accessible to customers with an active Maintenance agreement in place with BIOVIA.  Please contact BIOVIA Support if you do not have access to a Topic but should based on the BIOVIA Products you've licensed.

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Thu Oct 20 13:11:25 GMT 2016

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