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Stephen PickettStephen Pickett 

Rebranding the login box to allow site-based prompt

As per the image in Peter's question, https://community.3dsbiovia.com/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=00P3800000hn99gEAA
The login page says "Sign in with your BIOVIA Account". This has led to several people questioning whether they are on an internal server and also what username/password to use. Is there a straightforward way to configure the prompt to something like "Welcome to Pipeline Pilot at <company>. Please login with your <company> credentials"?
Hi Stephen,

it's probably not the easiest method, but on our side we use the Javascript SDK to perform the authentication and retrieving a session cookie. This way you can design your very own login page. Attached our custom login page for a new product coming out soon.
If you do not find an easier way from the BIOVIA people we'd be happy to share a minimum working example for this.

Best regards.

You can customise the webport interface as described in 'Web Port: Customization Guide'. This is more or less straightforward.