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Get information from 365 Sharepoint list

I tried using the "Sharepoint List Reader" component to get/pull information from list forms in the Sharepoint 365 environment but was unable to do so. Any suggestions/workaround to make it work? This is the error I get:

HTTP request 'https://XXXXXX.sharepoint.com/teams/XX/XXX/_vti_bin/Lists.asmx' to server 'XXXXX.sharepoint.com' failed. 403 - Forbidden
Michael Peeler (BIOVIA)Michael Peeler (BIOVIA)
Hello - 

We are seeing a number of Pipeline Pilot users migrating to Office 365 and so we are actively investigating how to best support list reading and other operations from Pipeline Pilot. The authentication model has changed with SharePoint Online, as a hosted environment.  Are you able to confirm that this is your situation - that your data is in a hosted (cloud-based) SharePoint, with authentication via Azure AD?

One of my colleagues created a component collection to facilitate interacting with new-style Sharepoint files. He's away for the next few weeks but when he's back I'll see if it is something he could share. I know there are still some enhancements he has in mind. 

Sounds like an officially supported component collection might be appreciated.

@Michael : Yes Michael, that sounds correct. Do you have to have any timeline on when it might be available for testing? We are on a timeline so will start looking into other alternatives as well in case it might take longer.

@Sarah : That would be Awesome, Sarah!
Didier BDidier B

I'm sarah's colleague and I've devlopped a packaged application with a set of components to manage file on sharepoint 365 sites.

with this package you can list, download, upload, check-in, check-out, read/write (text, sd or excel files), ...

I haven't implemented the sharepoint list as we do not  use them in our company (so far..). 

I'll need to check authentication system to reply to michael question. and also check if there is nothing in the code that is only for our company before sharing it.

for your information my package is using a custom c# dll that implements the microsoft APIs. it has been developped and tested only on a ppilot 9.5.0.

Didier B
Didier BDidier B

here is my SharePoint 365 package for pipeline pilot.

there is no documentation but the components and parameters names are quite easy to understand. if needed you can contact me on this blog.

The package is provided as it is, I cannot guarantee that it will not break your system. It has been developped and tested on a Windows server running Pipeline pilot 9.5 only so far. If you have issue, I may help you but I cannot guarantee that I'll have time for this.

Didier B