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Use of Python (on Server) component for running python Script.

I am using Python (on Server) component in a protocol. While running protocol from Pipeline Pilot Client 2016, I am getting following error: "Failed to create a scripting engine for Python SciTegicScriptSite::Initialize: Exception caught"

Please let me the know the possible reason and its solution.
Python (on Server) is supported only for Pipeline Pilot release 2017 R2 (and later releases).
IanIan (BIOVIA) 

While there is a Python (on Server) component in Pipeline Pilot 2016, it is a prototype and uses ActivePython from ActiveState. To work, you must have ActivePython installed on your Windows Pipeline Pilot Server. It is known to work with versions 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6.0, but anything later (including 2.6.5) seems to break the component. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like those versions are available anymore on their download site (https://www.activestate.com/activepython/downloads), so if you don't already have one of those versions installed, I'm not sure if you'll be able to use the component.

In Pipeline Pilot 2017 R2, we implemented a new version of the Python (on Server) component that uses "normal" Python. This is what Dana was referring to and should work for you if you are able to upgrade.

I hope this helps.

Ian Kerman