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Looping over elements of an array to add a different hyperlink to each element?

For an array, I'd like to hyperlink each element of the array with a different link. Is this possible and how can it be done?

I have tried to, within the "Link" option of the Text reporting component, use a loop over each array element (e.g. for #i in 1 .. ArrayNumRows() loop Link[#i] := "first part of link".[#i]."second part of link"; end loop;) to add a link but that wasn't possible within the "Link" option. It was just a wild guess so I knew it most likely wouldn't work. Is there a way around this?
MikeMike (BIOVIA) 
Attached is an example protocol demonstrating the creation of text in an array that includes a link. The text is then displayed using the HTML reporting components with each link taking the user to a different page.
IanIan (BIOVIA) 
You can also do this with the HTML Template component. It requires some scripting to work, but it is very flexible. I've added on to Mike's example so you can see how all three could work for you.
Wow, thank you so much to the both of you! Both protocols are fantastic and answer my question perfectly! Thanks again!