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New Contribution to ScienceCloud Exchange



Craig Shepherd has just contributed Using the R Custom Script Component in Pipeline Pilot to the ScienceCloud Exchange.


The ScienceCloud Exchange is a community that brings together Pipeline Pilot developers, software providers, and Pipeline Pilot end-users to share Pipeline Pilot protocols and accelerate the pace of innovation.

Name:    Using the R Custom Script Component in Pipeline Pilot
Summary:    This protocol demonstrates various functional aspects of the R Custom Script component within Pipeline Pilot

This protocol demonstrates various aspects of using the R Custom Script component in your own Pipeline Pilot workflows, including:

  • Incorporating an R package available on CRAN. This includes packages not shipped with Pipeline Pilot. In particular, this protocol uses the popular ggplot2 graphics package.
  • Including your own existing R scripts to provide functions, etc. in accordance with your own business logic.
  • The use of string token replacement within the Script parameter of the component to utilize the values of Pipeline Pilot globals and/or component parameters in the R script.
  • Capturing graphics created by your script and using downstream reporting components to display the results.

Extensive documentation is included in the protocol via sticky notes and comments within the script in the Script parameter of the R Custom Script component.

Keywords: #R