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TonTon (Accelrys, Inc.)  

PowerPoint Reporting components - Looking for feedback

Hello PP user community - 
I'd like to get in touch with anyone that has been using the Ppt components in PowerPoint. I have used it in a project myself recently and found them quite useful but also found some rough edges. I'd like to hear the community's suggestions for enhancements. 
Thanks very much - 

Ton van Daelen
Hi Ton,

I am an occasional user of the PPT components. They are not user-friendly enough to create a one-off slide, if I have some PP-generated visualisation that I want to put in a presentation a simple screen capture is the way to go. My use case has been time-series of heatmaps. Here the PPT components are very handy to generate a slide of each time point. When presenting just hold the page-down key to get a 'movie'. Having said that, recently I have started to save the images of each heatmap and create an animated gif which works well when inserted in PPT and has less potential for overshooting since no need to keep pressing the page-down key. So in short they components have their use but only if you have to generate multiple (lots) of very similar slides.