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file reader components: files are not listed when a unc path is specified


we upgraded recently from PLP 9.2 to v2017R2 on Windows server. We see now that all components in 'file reader' no longer list the files available when selecting a file using an UNC path. A fix is created by specifying most common used file servers in Admin pages-Setup - File Browsing. Is there a better way to solve this problem?

best regards, Paul Nelis
Atos, on behalf of Janssen R&D IT
Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development,  Turnhoutseweg 30, 2340 Beerse, Belgium
EMAIL * : pnelis@its.jnj.com     PHONE ' : +

Michael Peeler (BIOVIA)Michael Peeler (BIOVIA)
Yes, the restriction was added to address security concerns, requiring the administrator to define the specific locations that should be accessible.

However, there is a back door to revert to the old behavior, if you are comfortable with that. 
  1. In the admin portal, open the Setup > Server Configuration page.
  2. Move your mouse to the end of the File Browsing value, until the mouse cursor becomes a hand pointer.
  3. Double click, and the Read Access Flags setting opens up.
  4. You can click on the setting name to see the details, as with other settings.
  5. Add the value +UNCPaths.
  6. As long as this setting is defined, you will see this setting appear when you open the page.
In the upcoming Pipeline Pilot release, this interface will been formalized into a set of check boxes to allow fine tuning of the folder read permissions.

Michael Peeler (BIOVIA)Michael Peeler (BIOVIA)
A second image - although this shows a different setting...
I'm having the same problem, all of a sudden. No upgrade. Same issue with existing protocols that I use regularly, as well as a new protocol with a fresh reader.

And I don't have the configuration in the Admin panel to add the +UNCPaths option (see my attached file).
OK, just found the hidden box. And even before I did, suddenly I could see files on UNC servers.

Still having problems when I paste in a UNC path. If I hit the ... box, it doesn't take me to what's specified in the UNC path. Just goes back to the last place I navigated to.