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Come Speak at the Pipeline Pilot Community Days

It's that time of year again.  The Pipeline Pilot Community Days are right around the corner and this year you're the star!   Everyone that comes to these events has a story to tell and we want to hear from you.
If you're a new user, we want to learn about your goals, challenges and successes getting started.  If you're a seasoned veteran, we want to hear your cautionary tales, lessons learned and any other words of wisdom.  If you're anyone who has new ideas to share with your colleagues, we want to hear them and that's why this year, we're signing up customer speakers for our Pipeline Pilot user lightning round session. 
In addition to our 30 minute customer speaker talks we're looking for attendees to come up and speak for 5 minutes. These 5 minute lightning round talks will focus on a specific problem you had, the solution and the outcome. 
Help us make this year's speaker lineup full of Pipeline Pilot users, so you’ll get to learn from the best!
To sign up for a 30 minute or 5 minute speaking slot email Elizabeth Eldredge at Elizabeth.ELDREDGE@3ds.com.  Include the type of talk, Pipeline Pilot Community Day location, and title of your talk. 

October 3rd- London
October 4th & 5th- Brussels 
October 10th- San Diego
October 12th – Bay Area 
October 17th- Boston 
October 19th- Princeton
October 24th- Houston