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requirements for pipeline pilot server


where can I get a look at the requirements (OS/ CPU/mem) for the new version of pipeline pilot ?

Also physical vs VM

Hi Paul,

In terms of VMs, we’ve been running all versions of PP from 9.1 to 2018SP2 on AWS VMs (both linux and windows) for 5 years now without any problems. AWS mainly XEN as the hypervisor but also KVM more recently on some VMs and we’ve never seen any VM related issues.

PP memory recommendations are1 GB for each processor core but not less than 8 GB total. Typically, you want to size a server to maximum load, and have at least 1 GB per running protocol. This does not take into account other applications or operations that might be running on the server”.

I always allow 4GB + 1 core for the OS / AV etc regardless of that.

Someone at BioVia should be able to send you the full system requirements.

Hope that helps

Sorry I meant 2018SP1 not SP2...

TimTim (Accelrys) 
Thank you Joe that was an expert answer. Paul, you can browse to recommendations for Pipeline Pilot 2018 server requirements form the Pipeline Pilot Client Help>Help Center>Administration Tab>. I've also attached the guide here. We have a additional internal and community knowledge of recommended and utilized environments for specific processing workflows (NGS, IMG, Learning...). Did you have specific workflow requirements?