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Error Message

When using custom filter, I have the following code:

accession is defined AND accession ne '';
subj_id is defined AND subj_id ne '';

I received the following error message:

line 2, Statement doesn't appear to do anything.  (I am not sure why line 2 did not do anything)

But if the code is written this way, then it would be okay.
(accession is defined AND accession ne '')AND (subj_id is defined AND subj_id ne '');

My question is, does custom filter only allow one line of code?

I will appreciate any input!
Best Answer chosen by Leela214
The PP help for Custom Filter states "If the last statement in the expression evaluates to True or non-zero, the record is sent out the Pass port. Otherwise it is sent out the Fail port."

So, the last statement in your code is what is evaluated for TRUE / FALSE.

Like you say, combining both with a boolean AND (or OR if you only require one to be TRUE) allows both to be used in the final evaluation.

But, you can have a whole bunch of Pilotscript running before that final boolean evaluation, if that's required.