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Materials for learning molecular pilotscript functions?

I would like to start learning to use the libary of pilotscript functions available for manipulating molecules.  There are a few example protocols that are quite helpful, such as Pilotscript Create New Molecule and Pilotscript Fix Nitro Groups in the Examples/Chemistry/Molecular Toolkit/PilotScript folder.  Other than these protocols, there is also the pilotscript function help.  

However, it would be very helpful if there were something available that walked through the usage of these functions, introducing the concepts of how atoms, bonds, and molecules are manipulated as well as the underlying data types.  Learning this by looking at the small number of example protocols and reading the function help is difficult, as there is no reference material that presents what's going on in any organized fashion.

Is there a document out there that helps someone get started using these pilotscript functions?