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Pipeline Pilot Release News

1. Could you please provide Pipeline Pilot Release information for 2018.
2. What is the best way to install Pipleine Pilot use Username/Password authentication using a Ldap server or PAM or..
 And, can we use SLURM? and Hadoop features and Impala tables.

PedroPedro (Accelrys) 
Dear Subhas,

There are a few questions here I will try to assist.

Release notes
The product release documentation is available on the Download Center within the Pipeline Pilot section area. Also available as part of the Documentation on this Forum. I enclose here copy of the document for your convenience.
Pipeline Pilot 2018 Product release documentation

What is the best way PAM username/password...?

There are several authentication mechanisms that you can configure from your admin portal.

I have enclosed an excerpt of the System Deployment guide, also available from the Download Center. Possibly this will help you to clarify what options are best for your environment. If you like to discuss it off line, please contact support (BIOVIA.Support@3ds.com)


Although not officially supported, it has been working fine for a number of customers. There is an open request to add official support for it with Id #PPC-4480).

On the meantime I will advise you to follow the link below with instructions on how to install it in your cluster.

SLURM Scripts and installation

We started to officially support Hadoop Support starting version 2017 R2 as part of the user story (#PSM-2145). The following release note is associated to the user story.

"Support for HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) access has been added to many native readers and writers, as well as to List Files and Delete File. To use this functionality, specify a Source or Destination in the form "hdfs://server:port/path/to/file". Currently, only the default non-Kerberos-authenticated HDFS configuration is supported."

You can connect to impala via JDBC connection. Please ask if you need assistance connecting it. 

Please let us know if you need further assistance.