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Error decompressing LZ4 stream: -3

I am facing an error with group component and it throws me an error like "Error decompressing LZ4 stream: -3" . I am using pipeline pilot version . Earlier with Pipeline pilot 9.1 and 9.2 this issues was never observed. Any ideas why its happening ?
SteveSteve (BIOVIA) 
This was a known issue.  In 2017 R2, we changed the default compression algorithm from zlib to lz4 to improve performance of caches, however there was a bug with the way that we decompressed large data records that results in the error you are seeing.  The bug was fixed in the 2018 release, but there is a workaround available for 2017 R2 that allows you to set the cache compression algorithm back to ZLib.
1. Edit the file "<PLPInstall>/xmldb/Objects/Registry.2.xml"
    NOTE: If the file does not already exist, create it and add this text:
        <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <sci:data xmlns:sci="http://www.SciTegic.com/" object="SciTegic.PropertyList.1">
2. Within the <sci:proplist> XML tag, add the following:
        <sci:mpropval name="CachesUseZlib" type="StringType">
3. Save and close the file.  There is no need to restart the services

Make a note that when you upgrade to 2018 or higher, remove the text from the Registry.2.xml file.