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Sum Yee LaiSum Yee Lai 

How do I use launchjob instead of runjob.pl to open a webport progress bar before a new tab?

I have a custom link within a webport tab, which, when clicked, is supposed to run a protocol and then show the resulting HTML report in a new webport tab where name on the tab is the same as the name of the HTML report. But when I use /auth/launchjob, it opens the new tab immediately with the tab name set to "launchjob?_protocol=..." instead of the name of the report.

If instead I use /perlbin/runjob.pl to run the protocol, the webport first displays a "Webport Progress Bar" as a modal dialog until the protocol finishes at which point the new webport tab is created with the report name. That does exactly what I want, but I'm concerned that the documentation says the /perlbin/runjob.pl is deprecated.

What's the correct way to use launchjob to get the same webport behavior as runjobl.pl?

Thanks in advance for your help!
Michael Peeler (BIOVIA)Michael Peeler (BIOVIA)
Hello -

A quick way to emulate runjob.pl is to add to your launchjob request the query string parameter:


In fact the launchjob.pl request is actually rewritten on the web server to a launchjob request with that flag set.

Hope that helps.
Sum Yee LaiSum Yee Lai
I tried using $compat=1 in the URL params, but it didn't fix the problem I'm having.

I am attaching a screenshot below that I hope better describes the issue. The top path (following the arrows) works correctly using runjob.pl. When I use launchjob, however, it behaves differently even with $compat=1.

User-added image