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TonTon (Accelrys, Inc.)  

BIOVIA Webinar on AI Driven Molecular Design

Hi all - 

We would like to invite you to attend our webinar this Wednesday titled "Moving Toward Tailor-Made Molecules with AI-Driven Design and Optimization". Learn how to:
  • Use machine learning to optimize target, anti-target, synthesizability, safety and toxicity profiles for molecules ready for synthesis and testing
  • Generate truly novel small molecule and biological entities de novo
  • Enhance machine learning models by updating models with proprietary data
  • Discover drugs and chemicals faster, and with an increased chance of meeting regulatory, business, and market requirements
Regards  -

Ton van Daelen
Can anyone post the webinar link ?
TonTon (Accelrys, Inc.) 
Hi Abhik - If you registered we will send the link to you when the recording is available. If you haven't registered yet you can still do so.