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OLE link to word

I have installed BIOVIA Draw Academic 2017 R2 64 bit on a new notebook under Windows 10 (64 bit version).
While the application runs perfect, there is no OLE link from Windows applications such as Word 2016 and PowerPoint 2016 to BIOVIA Draw Academic 2017 R2, as it was the case with the former Accelrys Draw 4.2 and Windows application.
What should I do to install this OLE link? Since I am using frequently the drawing tool from Word or PowerPoint, this link is an essential feature for me.
Thank you for your support
MartinMartin (Symyx Technologies, Inc.) 
BIOVIA Draw 2017 R2 is not yet an officially supported version with Office 2016 CTR (Click-to-run).

Please see the corresponding support statement in the BIOVIA Community:


For academic users the new version BIOVIA Draw 2018 is now available which supports Office 2016 CTR.