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How to measure strain rate in material studio to develop stress strain curve in different strain rate?????

we known that  strain rate  = velocity (dx/dt)  X original length (x)
During mechanical calculation, if you change velocity of atom after NVE run . Can we say different strain rate ???? 
Otherwise what are the procedure to run different strain rate in material studio???   
Jason DeJoannisJason DeJoannis
Hi Animesh,

No I would not recommend tampering with atom velocities to achieve a stress-strain simulation. 
Actually there is a script shipped with Materials Studio that already does this:

File | Import | Examples\Scripting\StressStrain.pl

It also comes with another file

Examples\Scripting\StressStrain User Menu.xml

which you can import into your User Menu, giving you the following dialog:
User-added image

The script applies a uniaxial stress and measures the strain response. The stress is incremented
systematically to produce a stress-strain curve.

Jason SIr,
Thanks for reply. This is for stress strain curve. But i want to develop strain rate based stress strain curve. Strain rate will be changed . Please help in this matter.
Jason DeJoannisJason DeJoannis
Here's one that does that: