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N2 sorption at 77 K in mesoporous materials

Hello community,

I would like to simulate N2 sorption in a mesoporous material. I used same settings as in the tutorial "Predicting the loading of CH4 in zeolite MFI with Sorption". I just changed the molecule to N2 (that i draw) and the temperature to 77 K. Unfortunately I receive a type I isotherm without any hysteresis. Do you know publications that use MS to simulate N2 sorption at 77 K or is there another tutorial that can help? Thank you very much!
Hi ChrisW,

You can search for publications that use Materials Studio here.

E.g. this paper might be relevant
  • M. Fischer, Computational evaluation of aluminophosphate zeotypes for CO2/N2 separation, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 19, 22801 (2017).

Dear Reinier,
thanks for you reply. Unfortunately, the paper does not deal with N2 measurements at 77 K.