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How to parallelize MS16 Perl script

I'm currently working on a script in Materials Studio 2016 which has an incredibly long for-loop that could potentially be broken up into smaller pieces and run in parallel.

What I'd like to know is the following:

- How do I query information such as the number of processors assigned to a script dynamically?
- How do enable multithreading in a Perl script within the context of MS16?

If I know these two things, then I'll be able to go forward by myself. 
Jason DeJoannisJason DeJoannis
Hi tionichm,

That information is not accessible from within a script. First off, hyper-threading is supported at the BIOS level. Thus the BIOS may present a 4-core cpu as an 8 or 16 cores when hyper-theading is enabled. The Materials Studio installer picks this up and uses it.

To specify the number of cores used by scripting jobs, you go into Tools | Scripting | Script job.