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No Additional Options of Locator Tab on Adsorption Modules

Dear all,
I got no additional options on my locator tab appeared on Adsorption Locator Module. The additional options I meant were like "add atoms, Set maximum adsorption distance, etc.". Till I have repeated my steps many times exactly the same with the tutorial (SO2 to Ni), it faced the same problem. But when I tried to run the same job to another PC, it worked. I also reinstalled Materials STudio 8.0 again and the problem still remained the same. Could somebody please advice me what should be checked/done to fix my problem? Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Hi,I meet the same question,have you solved the problem?
Hi xingkong, this sounds most unusual; could you provide a screenshot, if possible attached to a new topic?
Try to reset everything to defaults from Preference.