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Jose BorregueroJose Borreguero 

Cannot close views, or Delete any document

After running a successful geometry minimization with Forcite, several documents are created and displayed. attempting to close the views does not work, and attempting to delete the documents in the Project Explorers causes Materials Studio to hang forever.
Please help! :(
Materials Studio hangs after trying to delete any of the opened documents
CarstenCarsten (Accelrys) 
  • How much memory does the machine have?
  • How large is the system you calculated?
  • Which Windows version is this?
  • Which Materials Studio version is this?
Jose BorregueroJose Borreguero
Dear Carsten,
Thanks for the reply, here's the info:
    HP EliteBook Revolve  810 (64-bit)
    8GB RAM, Intel I7-4600
    Windows 10 Enterprise
The system: acrylic acid monomer (8 atoms)
Materials Studio 2017 (

I reinstalled MS but still have the same issue. Not related to Forcite, though. I just created an empty atomistic document and then I can't delete it.  
CarstenCarsten (Accelrys) 
  • Did you already try to reboot the machine?
  • How many jobs are running and/or are queued?
  • On which machine are they running?
  • How many other programs are running at the same time on that machine?
Jose BorregueroJose Borreguero
I tried a minimal session:
  1. Rebooted the notebook
  2. Opened MS, no other applications running in the foreground
  3. Created a new Project
  4. Created a new atomistic document. The usual blank window pops up.
  5. Unable to close the blank window.
  6. Unable to close MS, it just hangs. I have to force-quit.
In a nutshell, I can't close any document views and I have to force-exit MS
CarstenCarsten (Accelrys) 
Could you please disable the hardware acceleration under Tools->Oprions->Graphics and restart Materials Studio?
Jose BorregueroJose Borreguero
I disabled hardware acceleration and restarted, but did not solve my problem
User-added image
CarstenCarsten (Accelrys) 
Could you please mail BIOVIA Support (biovia.support@3ds.com) and include this output:
  1. Start the License Administrator via Start->All_Programs->Accelrys->Licensing->License_Administrator
  2. In the License Administrator go to Diagnostics->License_Test.
  3. Hit the License Test button.
  4. Mail the output of that.

If you under proper maintenance I think it is better to deal there with this.