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create default Display style

Tough I know it is possible to change default Display style for overall structure, I was wondering if it is possible to create default Display style for overall structure whose parts are differently represented? That is to say, if I had slab structure of 4 layers, I wouldn't be interested in  seeing  two bottom layers (since they dont  move in my simulations). In other words, I would like to set geometrical constraint for default display style of type: bottom two layers (defined by z axis) will be presented as line , on the other side, the top two layers are of interest and I would like to see them as Ball and Stick
CarstenCarsten (Accelrys) 
The only idea I have is to consequently define sets of the layers from the beginning and then have a script added to the "user menu" which changes the display style accordingly.
Alternatively you could change "Range" setting for the Lattice display style, so that the bottom layers were simply cut off (if you don't want to see them).
StephenStephen (Accelrys) 
This is a variation on Carsten's answer. If you have fixed the bottom layers using Constraints in Materials Studio, you could use a script to query whether the atoms are fixed and set their display style accordingly.