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compass II Force field

I am getting following errors for 6x 2 TiO2 slab model under forcite energy simulations.
Energy contributors with missing parameters:
    Bond Stretch                : (o_ti ti4o)
    Angle Bend                  : (o_ti ti4o o_ti), (ti4o o_ti ti4o)
    Torsion                     : (o_ti ti4o o_ti ti4o)
    Inversion                   : (o_ti ti4o ti4o ti4o)

I am surprised to see these errors, because its just bare TiO2 model!!
can you help me to correct this!!

This reminder can be avoided by manually applying forcefield types and then deleting all the bonds in the structure. Please refer to step 2 of "Polymer interactions with a metal oxide surface"