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Gopi MohanGopi Mohan 

Dividing training and test set in for performing 3D QSAR in catalyst

Hi All,

I found a reference which says there is an automated technique for generating training and test test for catalyst in the article "Automated training set selection used for developing a 3D QSAR pharmacophore model in Catalyst for p38 MAP kinase inhibitors " in case studies-> lifesciences-> ligand based drug design. But when I visit this link it redirects to another page. Kindly tell me is there a best automated method for generating training and test set in catalyst.

Please reply soon
PatriciaPatricia (Accelrys) 
Dear Gopi Mohan,

The Community Support TOPIC is for information and questions around using the BIOVIA Community and reporting a website problem or suggestion (e.g. broken link(s), information unclear, missing or incorrect).
You will likely have more responses if you post your question in the “Discovery Studio" TOPIC.

Kind regards,