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Iwa OuIwa Ou 

How to change the location of job directry created by gateway? (Material Studio)

Hi all,

I am runing Mareterial Syudio on WIndows.
When I run on server, the gater way creates a job folder in
C:\ProgramData\BIOVIA\Materials Studio\17.2\Gateway-x64\root_default\dsd
(I guess this is deafault).
How can I change this location?
I would like to use a Ramdisk for speeding-up.

Thanks in advance
PatriciaPatricia (Accelrys) 
Dear Iwa Ou,

The Community Support TOPIC is for information and questions around using the BIOVIA Community and reporting a website problem or suggestion (e.g. broken link(s), information unclear, missing or incorrect).
You will likely have more responses if you post your question in the “Materials Studio" TOPIC.
Kind regards,
Iwa OuIwa Ou
Dear Patricia,

I approgize for my mistakes
I will post it in other topic.

Thank you,