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Alan ChienAlan Chien 

Biovia Notebook to excel


I was wondering if there is a way to download the information in our notebooks in a condensed format such as an excel file or plain text document.

FrankFrank (Symyx Technologies, Inc.) 
Dear Alan,

as an enduser you can download individual experiments in PDF or Word format. To do this, open an experiment in the Notebook Web Client and click on the cogwheel in the upper left pane. You then get options to "save as Word document" and "view as PDF".
Your Notebook administrator can download all experiments in PDF format as a zip-archive.

May I recommend to post your questions about Notebook under the Notebook Topic in our Community or send an email to biovia.support@3ds.com, so you get a reply from one of our Support Engineers.

Best regards,
Dr. Frank vom Stein
Director EU ULM Support
Alan ChienAlan Chien
Thank you Frank for the information.

And I'll be sure to post any further questions under "Notebook" in the future.