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Greg HoffmanGreg Hoffman 

Biovia Communities and Cases web site Sloooooowwwwww

It is getting to be almost impossible to work with the Communities and Cases sites as they are so slow.  Plus you never know if it is processing or doing nothing -- no indicator of activity that I can see.

Someone needs to put more quarters into that machine...

PatriciaPatricia (Accelrys) 
Dear Greg,
My name is Patricia Gestoso and I’m BIOVIA Sr. Support Manager for Modeling and Simulations.
I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues accessing the Cases and Change requests. I have looked into your account settings and I have two suggestions on how to mitigate the problem. I’ll contact you shortly.
Greg HoffmanGreg Hoffman
Thanks for the quick reply (I'm posting this well after Patricia contacted me).

I did discover that performance is hugely better using Chrome instead of IE 11 (I know.. duh..) .   Another nail in that coffin.
PatriciaPatricia (Accelrys) 
Dear Greg,

Glad to hear that the performance has substantially improved after switching Chrome!

Best, Patricia