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mohammed obeidmohammed obeid 

The energy difference using the equation ΔE=EAFM−EFM for ferromagnetism?

Dear Experts, 
I really need your help to guide of how to calculate the energy difference of Antifeeromagnetic and ferromagnetic ordering for Cu doped MgO. bellow I attached the output file and figure for total magnetic moment of spin polarized cu doped MgO of 32 atoms unit cell. Where can find the energy of AFM and FM to get the total difference?. 
PatriciaPatricia (Accelrys) 
Dear mohammed obeid,
The Community Support TOPIC is for information and questions around using the BIOVIA Community and reporting a website problem or suggestion (e.g. broken link(s), information unclear, missing or incorrect).
You will likely have more responses if you post your question in the “Materials Studio" TOPIC.
Kind regards,